Robb Torres, front-man of Robbery Inc, has always been about testing his diverse limits.  The accomplished guitarist, and former member of the alt-rock band TRAPT, draws from his varied sonic roots while continually evolving as he moves to the front of the stage.  Torres was ready for something that would test his limits not only as a songwriter and guitarist, but also a lyricist and singer.  

Enter: Robbery Inc.

Torres shows his prowess by blending his raw vocals and poignant lyrics with his massive rock guitar sound and masterful solos.  Jonah Wei-Haas expands the sound playing both bass and keys, moving in and out of the foreground masterfully, while Matt Camgros lays down a relentless rock groove on the drums with polished fills and solos.  Together, the trio delivers a certain layered, head-nodding flavor of blues-infused rock that sticks in the listener's head well after the song has ended, satisfying rock fans of all sub-genres.

Rock is alive and well, and Robbery Inc is solid proof.


Vocals, Guitar / Robb Torres
Bass, Keys / Jonah Wei-Haas
Drums / Matt Camgros





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