Christina LaRocca, 'Child of the Sun', Produced by Robb Torres

Premiere: Christina LaRocca is a wandering ‘Child of the Sun’ in new video

Christina says: “I wrote [this song] while sitting in an apartment with zero furniture in Long Beach years ago before moving out to the west coast,” she says of the rock anthem, produced by Robb Torres (former Trapt guitarist and now frontman of Robbery Inc). “It definitely was a defying moment in my life. In my reflection, with no distractions, I realized we are all on a journey of sorts. Follow the beat of the drum. Follow your heart.”

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Indie Voice: Get it or Forget it

Review:  Robbery Inc. is a trio composed of Robb Torres, former guitarist of TRAPT, as well as bassist and keyboardist Johan Wei-Haas and drummer Matt Cambros.  Their sound is alternative rock, with a healthy dose of great keyboards and guitar, as well as finely crafted lyrical content to create music that is memorable and radio friendly.  This two-song 7″ vinyl is jam packed with incredibleness.  “Honeybee” is a formidable tune that could easily see placement in television and film, and should be on radio stations worldwide.  “Skin” has a sound reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Led Zeppelin, and is surely an instant classic.  We only wish there were more than two songs here, but it has definitely piqued our interest for whatever comes next.

Recommendation:  This one is a definite instant classic.  Get it now.

Robbery Inc., The TVD First Date

“My first memories of vinyl were when I was a kid living in Oahu, HI, and my older cousin busted out an AC/DC Back In Black record. He would drop the needle at random spots and I’d guess which song was playing off the album. We’d also have air guitar contests and I’d always win; this was a good 8 years before I started actually playing guitar so I guess it was in my blood!”

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Robbery Inc - "Girl I Wanna" Winner in the 2017 Unsigned Only Music Competition

It is our honor and pleasure to personally inform you that Robbery Inc., has won "Honorable Mention" with the song "Girl I Wanna" in the "Rock" category in the 2017 Unsigned Only Music Competition. With nearly 6000 entries from nearly 100 countries, this is a remarkable achievement, and Unsigned Only and its judges would like to sincerely congratulate you.

Fresh Catch Of The Day: Robbery Inc

As heard with Riley and Dena on 979 CPRrocks:

Robbery Inc have revealed what they’ve been up to since the 2016 release of their Crave EP.  The band plans to release “Honeybee” b/w “Skin” as a 7-inch on September 22. The vinyl is available for pre-order HERE. You can catch Robbery Inc on the road with confirmed dates HERE. 

2017 Spring Tour: First Dates Announced

Robbery Inc has announced the first few stops of their 2017 Spring Tour!  The tour kicks off with stops at two of L.A.'s finest, following a two stop East Coast run with Leopold and His Fiction and Wild Adriatic, and an opening night performance at the LAUNCH music festival.

New music will be debuted at all stops, so make sure to catch one of these shows.

More to come!